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One difficult hurdle to overcome when facing the loss of a loved one who has died as the result of another's negligence is the idea that pursuing compensation is petty. The word itself seems to promise more than it can possibly deliver—what, after all, could ever compensate for the loss of life?

Yet, compensation, in terms of a wrongful death case, has a lot to do with justice and closure. At the Law Offices of Louis J. Willett, we know that no amount of money can ever truly compensate for your loss. It can, however, alleviate some of the financial burden occasioned by the death of a family member, particularly if the individual was the breadwinner of the family. Contact our firm today for sensitive, caring representation for your wrongful death suit.

Obtaining Wrongful Death Compensation for Bay Area Clients

We work with clients to help them understand the practical purpose of pursuing compensation. Far from being an act of revenge, it is an act of justice. You are entitled to some measure of recovery for the loss of a loved one in a truck accident, car crash, motorcycle collision or other accident. In addition, the compensation we can help you obtain generally addresses the expenses associated with the death of your loved one and as a replacement for lost future income.

Sensitive Assistance as You Grieve

The last thing our firm wishes to be during a difficult time is a source of additional stress or negative emotion. We bring sensitivity, care, and a listening ear to clients dealing with the death of a loved one. This personalized attention has helped lay the groundwork for clients making sound decisions regarding legal matters associated with their loss. We have handled numerous injury cases in this manner, including five arising out of wrongful death accidents.

Get the legal help you require in your wrongful death case—assistance that is focused not only on getting you the compensation you deserve, but also on providing personalized care and attention. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact the Law Offices of Louis J. Willett today. Call us at 510-791-2244.

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