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Even with safety standards and warning signs in place, construction sites can be venues for very serious accidents resulting in even more serious injury. Whether the victim of such an incident is a construction worker or an individual who happens to be passing a construction site at the time, financial recovery nearly always requires the help of an experienced personal injury attorney.

The Law Offices of Louis J. Willett in Northern California is a personal injury firm with over 40 years of legal experience. Our Fremont, California, construction accident injury attorney and staff have devoted countless hours to helping injured clients obtain the compensation they are due. If you have been injured on a construction site and are seeking comprehensive compensation, contact our firm today. Call 510-791-2244.

Construction Site Negligence in California

Many construction site accidents have to do with scaffolding issues. Scaffolding falls, construction materials dropped from scaffolding or scaffolding constructed of substandard materials can lead to spinal injury, closed head or brain injury, and broken bones.

Injuries occurring in the scope of employment are generally covered by workers' compensation. However, workers' compensation benefits are not always sufficient, or in some cases, may not even be available. Injuries, for example, occurring because of the negligence of a third party—a contractor, subcontractor or materials supplier—are the responsibility of the third party.

Able, Experienced Construction Injury Assistance

In pursuing compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages, and pain and suffering associated with a construction site accident (whether as a worker or a passerby), we work closely with our clients. We gather as much information as possible in order to build a strong case. Attorney Louis Willett's over four decades of experience is applied to each new case our firm handles and used to the benefit of those we represent.

Get the legal help you require in your personal injury case—assistance that is focused not only on getting you the compensation you deserve, but also on providing personalized care and attention. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact the Law Offices of Louis J. Willett today. Call us at 510-791-2244.

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