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The death of a family member frequently brings with it a myriad of conflicting emotions and responses. While the creation of a will or trust can help settle estate matters efficiently and according to the wishes of the deceased, it can often be a source of contention and bitterness. This may be especially true for situations in which a less formal arrangement has been developed.

The Law Offices of Louis J. Willett in Fremont, California, has two goals in handling estate administrative matters: to ensure the directions of the decedent are carried out accurately and to work with the personal representative, executor, or trustee in resolving problems with minimal stress. Contact our office today if you have questions.

Living Trusts and Poor Planning

Our firm is beginning to see a trend in estate planning which favors the use of living trusts over wills. It seems that this change, intentionally or not, has facilitated a less formal approach to estate administration. With the increased utilization of living trusts, this informality has led to more and more estate litigation. Our firm has handled cases involving undue influence by caregivers and others, competency issues, trustee misconduct and outright greed.

Representing Executors and Trustees Throughout the Bay Area

In representing the executors and trustees of an estate, we take an unbiased approach. We address problems expeditiously, focusing on fair and aboveboard behavior. No matter what the potential challenges may be, we take a close look at the facts related to the dispute and the people involved.

Attorney Louis Willett has served as seminar speaker for a local college, banks, investment advisors, and retirement groups in estate planning and administration matters. With more than four decades of experience, combined with his ability to resolve estate administration matters, he has become a trusted local resource for estate planning matters of all types.

When you are looking for an attorney to provide sound counsel and effective representation in and out of court, experience does make a difference. For the skillful handling of your estate planning or business law matter, take advantage of over three decades of legal service. Contact the Law Offices of Louis J. Willett today. For a free initial consultation, call us at 510-791-2244.

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