Are Telecommuting Employees the Right Choice for Your Small Business?

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California small business lawyerWhen small businesses start up or begin to grow, they may have limited funds to hire outside help. Some may find relief through a telecommuting employee – or someone that works remotely. However, this option is not right for every business or every business owner. Learn more about hiring employees for telecommuting positions, including how to discover if it may be the appropriate choice for your small business.

The Challenges of Hiring New Employees

Small businesses that need to hire outside help may find that wages, along with the additional costs that are typically associated with hiring physical employees, are too much of a burden to bear. Hiring physical employees can also mean moving to a physical location for those that have previously worked from home. Add in the stressors of ensuring that a business is adequately protected from discrimination issues, harassment issues, and other legal matters, and the hiring of a physical employee may be downright impossible for some business owners.

Temporary employees, or temp workers, can be great at filling in gaps. However, they may not work well as a long-term solution, or for growing a business. Some may lack any real training or experience, and it can be difficult to manage the overall quality of employees coming from temp agencies. Furthermore, small business owners may still need liability insurance to cover themselves if a temp worker is ever injured.

Pros and Cons of Remote Employees

Employees that telecommute – remote employees – offer numerous potential benefits to small businesses. They can eliminate the cost of a physical building, may not require any form of liability insurance, and they can even work as independent contractors, making the employee responsible for their own tax payments. Furthermore, small businesses who hire remotely often have a larger pool of candidates to work with since they are not bound by location.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to hiring remotely. Employees who do not work on-sight can be difficult to discipline if they act outside of your company’s standards. The employee may also lack a real devotion to your company, which may result in a disconnect between their job and the product they put out. Thankfully, it is possible to mitigate against such issues, at least partially; an experienced business law attorney can show you how.

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