Online Bot to Increase Awareness About Estate Planning and End-of-Life Decisions

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Fremont wills and trusts attorney millennium estate planningAbout half of all Americans do have a will, trust, or other estate planning documents completed. Unfortunately, that means another half do not have such documents in place. For these individuals, end-of-life decisions may come at the hospital, while they and their families are stressed and concerned. Sadly, this last-minute estate planning is often done with the aid of a nurse or other hospital professional who may lack the time or the knowledge to answer questions about the consequences of specific decisions. Enter the online chat bot, Emily.

Designed to help families and grantors through their end-of-life decisions, Emily is aimed at helping individuals in the 25- to 45-year-old age group. She encourages them to think about estate planning early. If a family is faced with difficult decisions at the last minute, she can also give them direction and insight regarding the different estate planning decisions that need to be made. Could she be the answer to improving the estate planning statistics in America? Perhaps, but the following explains why an experienced Fremont wills and trusts attorney may still be needed.

What Emily Can Do for Your Family

Estate planners have, historically, been older Americans – people who are already thinking about end-of-life decisions. Death does not just happen to the elderly, however. Accidents happen every day, and people in the 25 to 45 age groups have massive life changes (marriage, children, purchasing a home, etc.) that need to be mitigated in the event of their death. Emily can start the discussion. She can explain basic estate planning principles, such as living wills and advanced directives. She is designed to appeal to the tech-savvy generation, and she is extremely user-friendly. She even paces questions to fit the comfort level of the user, and she is available online.

Emily’s Potential Limitations

While Emily can help start discussions about estate planning, she is still limited in her abilities. She is not an attorney. She cannot give detailed answers for unique circumstances. Though it appears that she will have state-specific information, she also lacks the ability to offer a back-and-forth conversation about the possible consequences and implications of certain decisions. For example, one could use a will to transfer a home to a loved one upon death, but there may be other, more cost-effective methods for those that do not have any other valuable assets.

Contact Our Fremont Estate Planning Lawyer

At the end of the day, Emily’s ability to get more people thinking about estate planning is a good thing. However, families are still encouraged to seek assistance from an experienced lawyer. Louis J. Willett, Attorney at Law has more than 30 years of experience in estate planning, and we will work hard to meet your needs. Schedule your personalized consultation with our Fremont wills and trusts attorney to learn more. Call 510-791-2244 today.


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