California bus crash lawyerEstimates indicate that some 700 million people in America are transported by bus each year. Whether they are traveling by school bus, public transit bus, charter bus, or a tour bus, these riders count on the driver to help them safely get them from one location to the next. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Accidents do occur, and sometimes they result in serious injury or fatality to the passengers. Learn more about the causes and consequences of bus accidents with help from the following information.

Common Causes of Bus Accidents

Like with auto accidents, driver error is the most common cause of bus accidents. Some of the most common causes include:


Fremont electrical burn injury lawyerOur world practically revolves around electricity. It lights our homes, powers our tablets and computers, and even fuels the stoplights that help us travel safely from one place to the next. Unfortunately, this powerful tool is also extremely dangerous. Even minimal contact can lead to burn injuries. In severe cases, those injuries can cause death. Learn more about electrical burns caused by defective products, including how to determine if you may be owed compensation.

Causes of Electrical Burns

Electrical burns can be caused in many ways, but those that are related to defective products typically occur at home, or at work. A homemaker can turn on their dryer and experience an electrical burn. A worker in the manufacturing industry can go to use the same equipment they have used for years, but then it can malfunction. In all truth, the possibilities are endless, and they are within your home, at your job, and in your everyday life.


California spinal injury lawyerSpinal cord injury victims often experience depression and fatigue after their injury. Caused, perhaps, by a mixture of issues that range from decreased social interaction, lack of sunshine and mobility, decreased social interaction, pain, trauma, and more, these ailments can be further exacerbated if the patient also suffers from vitamin D deficiency. Thankfully, one study has found that high-dose vitamin D supplementation could ease the severity of both symptoms, even among those who are not deficient. 

Vitamin D Supplementation for Spinal Injuries

Scientists have previously found that spinal cord injury victims are between four and five times more likely to develop a vitamin D deficiency than able-bodied people. As it turns out, depression and fatigue are some of the most commonly experienced symptoms among those who have deficient vitamin D stores.


Fremont defective airbag lawyerIt has been years since the Takata airbag debacle began, but many California drivers are still driving around with the dangerous airbags. Some have failed to respond to the recall notice to have the faulty airbags replaced, but far more are experiencing issues because the part they need is not available. In either case, these drivers remain at risk for death and serious injury. Learn more about getting your airbag replaced and what you can do if you or someone you love has been injured because of a defective Takata airbag.

Examining the Potential Risks

At least 11 Americans have suffered fatality from the faulty airbag inflators – three of which were from California. Many others have suffered severe injuries, including lacerations to the face and neck, broken teeth, facial fractures, and loss of eyesight. What is worse, such injuries can occur, even at low speeds. Also, the airbags are well known for sending metal shrapnel throughout the cabin, which can place all passengers (including children in the backseat) at risk for death or serious injury.  


California car crash lawyersDuring the 2016 election, California voters approved the legalization of recreational marijuana. On one hand, this could prove to be a positive thing because it is expected to bring in up to a million dollars in tax revenue for the state each year. On the other, it could increase the risk of injury and fatality to California’s road users. Learn more about how the legalization of marijuana and its potential to cause a spike in the number of drugged driving accidents throughout the state, and what rights victims have in such situations.

A Look at Drugged Driving in Other Legalized States

Statistics from the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy show that drugged driving rates spiked drastically in Colorado after the legalization of recreational marijuana. Overall, the organization found that the number of drivers testing positive for marijuana use rose from just 10 percent in 2009 to 19 percent in 2014 (the year of legalization). Moreover, they determined that the rate of marijuana-related traffic fatalities had spiked by 32 percent in the year of legalization.


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