Antibiotics Used to Treat TBI in Adults Can Worsen Condition in Children and Infants

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Fremont personal injury lawyerTraumatic brain injury can happen to anyone, and at any age. When it does, the end result can be catastrophic. This is especially true in cases involving serious injury and excessive brain swelling. Unfortunately, there are no medications to treat the swelling at this time - only drugs that help to improve the end outcome of patients who manage to survive. Thankfully, recent studies suggest an answer may be on the horizon, but with one major catalyst: it may only work in adults.

Antibiotics and TBI Swelling in Children and Adults

The potentially deadly implications of TBI do not typically come from the injury itself. Instead, it is generally caused by the post-injury swelling of the brain. Previous studies have suggested that genetics may play a role in the severity of this swelling, but no one really knows why some are more prone than others to rapid and life-threatening swelling.

Published in the journal, Experimental Neurology, a recent study found that antibiotics may help to mitigate the brain swelling in adults. Unfortunately, mice models also indicated that antibiotics may actually have a negative effect on the developing brains of children. This essentially means that scientists may be able to move forward with more studies in adults, but remain at a loss when it comes to the treatment of TBI-related brain swelling in children - our most vulnerable members of society.

When a TBI Happens to You or Your Child

While most people are treated and released after a traumatic brain injury, with only minimal impact, others suffer from long-term complications. They may be unable to work or go to school for an extended period of time. Alternatively, some may become permanently disabled and no longer able to fully care for themselves. If this has happened to you or your child, it is critical that you know your rights - particularly when it comes to your right to pursue compensation from a negligent party that may have been responsible for the injury you or your child experienced.

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